Inspired by Global Focus Year of Ireland to Study Abroad?

2018-2019 is Chatham’s Global Focus Year of Ireland.  Ireland is a great study abroad location with academics to suit many academic areas.  Here are some study abroad in Ireland options to consider.

Dunlace Castle

Semester (Spring 2019 or Fall 2019)

University of Limerick (CIS Abroad), 

  •  $14,990/semester
  •  Course offerings include: Languages, History, Economics, Chemical Sciences, Computer Engineering, Biology, Education, Architecture, Math

IES Abroad Dublin Center (IES Abroad),

  • $16,500/ semester
  • Course offerings include Irish Studies, including literature, creative writing, cultural studies. Internship/ service learning opportunities available.

University College Cork (USAC),

  • $14,493/semester
  • Course offerings include: Medicine and Health, Business and Law, Engineering, Food Sciences, Arts, Celtic Studies, Social Science

Griffith College, Dublin (Athena Abroad and CAPA), and (CAPA)

  • $13,390/ semester (Athena); $16,495 (CAPA)
  • Courses offerings include Business, Humanities, STEM, Arts and Social Science. Internships available with CAPA program.

National University of Ireland, Galway (CEA),

  • $16,495/ semester
  • Course offerings include: Humanities, Commerce, Irish Studies and Sciences

Dublin City University, Dublin (ISA),

  • $16,995/ semester
  • Course offerings include: Business, Education, Liberal Arts, STEM

Maynooth University, Dublin (API),

  • $16,480/ semester
  • Course offerings include: Arts, Music, Social & Natural Science

Ulster University, Ulster (IFSA-Butler),

  • $18,775/ semester
  • Course offerings include: Irish Studies, Peace & Conflict Studies, Art, Social Work, Environmentalism, Music and Political Science
Cityscape, Dublin

Summer 2019

National University of Ireland, Galway,

  • Irish Language
    • 4 weeks, € 2,490-2,910
  • Ecology: Living Landscapes in the West of Ireland
    • 2-4 weeks, € 1,950-2,175/ module
  • Irish Studies
    • 4 weeks, €3,000-3,450

Global Cities Summer, Dublin (CAPA),

  • 8 weeks, $7,995

University of Limerick Summer Schools, Limerick,

  • 3 weeks, €2,950
  • Course offerings include Irish Studies, Education, Health, Business

Nursing and Pre-Health Summer, Ulster (IFSA-Butler),

  • 6 weeks, $5,975

Dublin Internship Program (Arcadia),

  • 8 weeks, $5,950

University College Cork, Cork,

  • 4 weeks, €2,300
Blarney Castle

Check website links for up to date information.  All program costs are are subject to change.  Visit for up to date currency conversions.

For more study abroad options, use the search engines at,, or

One time $1200 study abroad voucher can be used toward any credit bearing program by Chatham undergraduate students.

Contact with any questions.