Summer 2024 Opportunity Grant for Study / Intern Abroad

Full-time Chatham University undergraduate students participating in any summer 2024 study and/or internship abroad program for credit toward their Chatham undergraduate degree may apply for a one-time opportunity grant.

The amount of the grant is $500. The grant funding may be used toward tuition, program expenses, the cost of applying for a passport or for passport renewal, book expenses, travel expenses, or toward other personal expenses related to your study or internship abroad.

For summer 2024 Study / Intern Abroad, the deadline to apply for this grant is March 29, 2024.

Students receiving this grant must be accepted to their study abroad program and complete Chatham’s required study abroad approval process (Chatham study abroad application and Course equivalencies worksheet) and be approved for study abroad prior to award disbursal. Accepted students will be asked to complete a closing convocation form to distribute their award. The $500 grant will be applied to accepted students’ Chatham accounts for the term in which they study abroad.

Questions? Please reach out to

To apply please complete this form – 

Chatham University – Summer 2024 Opportunity Grant for Study & Intern Abroad (