Student Suggestion: Stay Open Later


We have extended our Friday hours so that we now close at 7:00pm instead of 5:00pm.  We also extended our hours during finals in December and plan to do so again in April.  Staying open 24/7 is not feasible, however, because we do not have to staff to keep the building open all those hours.  We do walk around and count people in the building each hour for several hours before we close the building, and we’ll continue to monitor those numbers.  Also, don’t forget about the 24/7 computer labs – you’ll always have access to those!  And for those living in the dorms, every dorm should have a newly refurbished lounge.

In response to the comment that we were not open when our hours on our website said we would be – as far as we know, we can’t think of when that would have happened.  Our hours are the same year-round except for a few holidays, the Thanksgiving weekend, and over winter break.  Please let us know if this happens again.

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