March 14, 2020
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JKM Library Moving to Virtual Services Exclusively

JKM Librarians are eager to continue to support faculty, students and staff as we experience the current move to virtual instruction. In keeping with current policy and out of an abundance of caution, librarians will provide remote services only. The library building will be closed for the time being, although at this time 24 hour space is still accessible.

Our Ask a Librarian chat service and Zoom will allow us to continue to provide reference, instruction and consultation services. We will continue to monitor the situation and post information on our home page.

We will staff the Ask a Librarian chat service during the following hours:

  • 8:00 am – 10:00 pm Monday – Thursday
  • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Friday
  • 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm Saturday
  • 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm Sunday

Access our Ask a Librarian chat service on our home page:

The Archives and Special Collections will provide remote reference through email.

We have hundreds of thousands of eBooks, journals, and videos available in our databases and searchable from our home page. We can help you locate material that could perhaps substitute for print resources.

Librarians are available for consultations about classes and student support and can be reached by email ( or by chat (Ask a Librarian)

We can provide instruction via Zoom.

If you have any items checked out, we suggest you hold on to them – due dates are flexible.


Take care and stay well,

Jill Ausel, Library Director

April 20, 2015
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Extended 24/7 Space!


Room 103

As of April 13, the 24×7 lab will be extended to include rooms 103, LCC1, and the large lab (101) during the hours the library is closed. This provides you with a variety of open tables and computer access as well as group study and individual spaces.

We’re sure many of you are thinking “Great! But where’s the bathroom?” For your comfort and convenience, the Eddy Theatre lobby will be open. The Eddy doors nearest the Library will remain unlocked as well as the wheelchair accessible entrance on the other side of the building.

Please note that during the summer, there will not be an expansion – only the original 24×7 room will be available. The doors to Eddy will remain open, however.

[Note: Updated 5/11/2015 to state that the expansion will not happen during summer]

April 8, 2014
by library

5 Ways that the Library Will Help You Survive Finals

Believe it or not, Summer is just around the corner. But before you can relax, vacation, and have your parents do your laundry, you still have papers to write, presentations to make, and exams to take. It’s rough, but no need to stress out too much- we’re here to help. Here are some of the ways that the library can make finals a little bit more bearable.

Sleeping Student

Unfortunately, beds are not something that we provide.

Late nights: During finals you might have some pretty late nights, and we’ll stay up late with you. April 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, the library will be open until 2am. If you really want to break the dawn, feel free to use the 24 hour computer lab located in the library entrance.

Study rooms: It can be hard to focus in your room, The Jennie King Mellon Library offers group and individual study rooms you can use to write papers, finalize presentations, and study. During finals group study rooms are very popular, so we suggest that you book them in advance by stopping by the library circulation desk or emailing Individual rooms can be borrowed for 4 hours, but no reservations are allowed- they are first-come, first-served.

Research Help: As always, we are here to help you with your research. We’ll help you find that article on Art-Deco architecture by that guy who’s name starts with H, or the best places to find primary sources to find a primary source. Stop by the reference desk, email, call us, send us an instant message through our website, or text us at 724-919-4645 and we’ll be happy to assist.

Citation and Writing: Often the worst part of writing that big paper is worrying about getting your sources cited just right. We have a collection of resources on just about any citation style you need to work with as well as information about when and where to cite, and how to avoid plagiarism. Need someone to look over your bibliography or your whole paper? Make an appointment at the PACE Center on the third floor and have someone review your work.

Blowing off steam: So finals are over and you have some time to kill? Or maybe you’ll go crazy if you have to study for one more minute? Don’t worry- we can help! Did you know that your library is also a library? We have a variety of popular books and movies you can unwind with- Maybe a viewing of Pixar’s Brave will help you be just that.

So while you’re burning that midnight oil, and writing what feels like endless papers don’t forget your library. Whether you’re in the library itself or studying from the comfort of your own home, we’ll be here with ways to make your life a little bit easier.


March 5, 2013
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Library Open Regular Hours for Spring Break

IMG_8348The JKM Library will be open during normal hours next week.  We hope you have a wonderful break, but if you need to study or do some research, we’ll be here!

Regular Hours

Mon-Thurs:   7:45am – 12am
Friday:  7:45am – 7pm
Saturday:  8am – 7pm
Sunday:  12pm – 12am

November 27, 2012
by library

Extended Hours and Expanded 24/7 Space for Finals!

The JKM Library will be open extra hours during finals to give you more time to study.  The Library’s hours for finals are:

  • Friday, December 7: 7:45am – 10:00pm  
  • Saturday, December 8:  8:00am – midnight  
  • Sunday, December 9:  9:00am – midnight
  • Monday, December 10:  7:45am – 2:00am  
  • Tuesday, December 11:  7:45am – 2:00am  
  • Wednesday, December 12: 7:45am – midnight (regular hours resume)

In addition, in order to provide more space to study and use computers when the library is not open, the 24/7 study space will be expanded into the large computer lab from Monday, December 3rd through Friday, December 14th.  Please be aware that the 24/7 rooms are being remodeled and the furniture is in transition, but tables and computers will be available.

Good luck with your finals!

May 23, 2012
by library

Library Summer Hours – Same As Always!

Taking classes over the summer?  The JKM Library is open the same hours during the summer as we are during the school year:

  • Monday – Thursday: 7:45am – 12am
  • Friday: 7:45am – 7pm
  • Saturday: 8am – 7pm
  • Sunday: 12pm – 12am

We’ll be closed on:

  • Monday, May 28 for Memorial Day
  • Wednesday, July 4th

March 14, 2012
by library

Student Suggestion: Stay Open Later

We have extended our Friday hours so that we now close at 7:00pm instead of 5:00pm.  We also extended our hours during finals in December and plan to do so again in April.  Staying open 24/7 is not feasible, however, because we do not have to staff to keep the building open all those hours.  We do walk around and count people in the building each hour for several hours before we close the building, and we’ll continue to monitor those numbers.  Also, don’t forget about the 24/7 computer labs – you’ll always have access to those!  And for those living in the dorms, every dorm should have a newly refurbished lounge.

In response to the comment that we were not open when our hours on our website said we would be – as far as we know, we can’t think of when that would have happened.  Our hours are the same year-round except for a few holidays, the Thanksgiving weekend, and over winter break.  Please let us know if this happens again.

February 29, 2012
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Spring Break Hours – Same as Usual!

Photo by Omer Unlu

We’ve had a few questions from some of you who will be spending Spring Break catching up on schoolwork. Never fear, we’ll be here. Our library hours stay the same over Spring Break, and the librarians will be just as available as they always are to help you with your research. So, if you have work to do over break, why not do it at the library?  Our hours are:

Monday – Thursday: 7:45am – midnight
Friday: 7:45am – 7pm
Saturday: 8am – 7pm
Sunday: noon – midnight

October 12, 2011
by library

Regular Hours for Fall Break

The JKM Library will be open during regular hours for Fall Break:

  • Monday-Thursday: 7:45am – midnight
  • Friday: 7:45am to 5:00pm
  • Saturday: 8:00am to 7:00pm
  • Sunday: noon to midnight

Enjoy your time off!  If you need us, we’ll be here.  🙂

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