Database Review: Mango Languages


Attention: All faculty and students!

Belay yer carousin,’ ya landlubber, and learn to speak like a gentleman o’ fortune with Mango! Brush up on your Swashbuckler for September 19th: International Talk like a Pirate Day. Find out more.

Speak like a pirate with Mango Languages!

Mango Languages is an online program that helps you learn over 45 foreign languages, like Pirate, as well as 15 courses on English as a second language. The courses provide basic conversation elements, cultural notes, and a lot of practice, which help you to quickly learn foundational language patterns and understand cultural influences. This resource is perfect for those anticipating a semester abroad, practicing a language that was previously learned, or considering taking up a new language.

Mango’s interface is simple and attractive, and its navigation is intuitive. Before each chapter, the conversational and grammar goals are clearly outlined. Sentence elements are marked in color, which help you visualize how phrases fit together and, in turn, help you to build new sentences. To track your progress and continue from the place you stopped, you will need to create an account. Mango can also be accessed from off-campus.

Not sure whether Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, or Afrikaans is right for you? Check out Mango’s poster “Which languages are the hardest to learn?” It explains how many hours you would need to devote to the language, how many people speak it, and what makes it difficult.

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