Government Shutdown Affects Library Resources


alertThe government shutdown has affected two of our databases, ERIC and Medline.  With ERIC, patrons will still be able to get into the database and search, but will not be able to access any full text.  Clicking on a “Full Text from ERIC” link will bring you to either a blank page or a page saying the connection was reset.  If the shutdown persists over a long period of time, EBSCO might take away the full text links.

As far as MEDLINE is concerned, it is still accessible through OVID and the freely available NIH site, but it is not being updated.  Through OVID, full text links will work unless they link directly to a government funded site (and there shouldn’t be many of those.)

As for websites, we have many government sites linked from the LibGuides; the Library of Congress and any digital initiatives through them (ie. American Memory) are not accessible at all, as well as American Fact Finder and any other Census related sites.  For the others, most health related website are still up, but are not being updated and any transactions done through the websites are non-functional right now

Sites that are down include:

  • Any U.S. Census Bureau sites, including FedStats and Mapstats
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • USDA (includes Agricola)
  • Library of Congress
  • National Park Service
  • NASA
  • Social Security Administration
  • Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (

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