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Do you have a favorite book to film adaptation? Weigh in on our window poll at the library during finals week, then make your way inside to check out a film from the collection. Just in time to unwind from finals anxiety, treat yourself to some down time with one of the following films or others on display on the First Floor:

Je4112For classics transformed for the silver screen try one of the many adaptations of Jane Austen’s Emma or Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. The first film version of Jane Eyre hit the screen in 1910 and the latest was released in 2011….Over 100 years of this Gothic classic!

Looking for an epic movie marathon? Check out the film adaptation of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The total running time for the extended edition on DVD is 681 minutes or 11.35 hours. Recommended for only the most stalwart movie watchers.


For those who enjoy comic books and graphic novels, try Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis or Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta. The former is told through Satrapi’s recognizable black and white illustrations in French with English subtitles. In the live action retelling, Hugo Weaving’s V brings to life the masked revolutionary.

9783145_detOn display are also a few lesser known adaptations. Did you know that the character Zorro first appeared as serialized stories in 1919? Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zita Jones starred in the film released in the mid-1990s. And don’t miss the Cohen brothers’ film, O Brother Where art Thou, which is loosely based on on Homer’s The Odyssey. Can you identify some of the familiar themes and images that were preserved in the film?



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