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There are so many opportunities to connect and interact with the Jennie King Mellon Library online and in person, and we recently added two more: Instagram and Spotify! Our new Instagram account (@jkmlibrary) features library news, updates, and shenanigans. Be sure to follow us for #NewBookTuesdays and #BookfaceFridays. You’ll also get to know our staff and librarians better, as we post fun pictures of our recommendations, displays, and exciting library life.

And yes, you heard correctly, the library has a Spotify account. What is Spotify? It’s a music streaming service that allows those with accounts to listen to over 30 million songs for free and create and share playlists. Library staff members love music of all genres and styles. We’re hoping to share our love of music with the rest of the Chatham community in a way that enhances your experience at the library and allows you to get to know us better.

Our playlists are specially crafted by librarians and library staff, and while they are certainly educational, they’re also a lot of fun. We create new playlists regularly for different purposes. A playlist could correspond with one of our in-library displays, be a Staff Spotlight playlist of recommendations put together by just one staff member, or something that our student workers have crafted!

Our Native American Heritage Month book display is on the first floor of the JKM Library.

Our most recent playlist is in honor of Native American Heritage Month, which is also the main book display in the library during the month of November. This playlist features more popular and recent musical artists from all across the genre spectrum that have Native/Indigenous heritage. It occurred to us that many non-native people do not realize the talent and influence of Native/Indigenous people (especially in music), so we wanted to craft a playlist that really brought that point across.

Some included artists create music that draws very heavily from their roots, like Tanya Tagaq who has made Inuit throat singing cool again. Some artists are not widely known for their native heritage, like Joey Belladonna (lead singer of Anthrax) who is part Iroquois. Modern indigenous music takes on so many forms as well, from the protest songs of Buffy Sainte-Marie to the modern hip-hop of A Tribe Called Red and Frank Waln.

The wide variety of music featured in our Native American Heritage Month playlist insures that there is something for everyone. We’ve got jazz singer Mildred Bailey, thrash metal band Testament, pop star Sky Ferreira, funk band Redbone… the list continues on in impressive fashion. Some of our selections are marked as explicit, which is important to note, but much of that content is speaking to injustices and rampant inequality. Sometimes oppression is met with anger through art, and that is still a valid expression. Get started listening below!


If you aren’t able to listen to the playlist during November, don’t worry! We keep all the playlists we have crafted intact and available for continued listening.

So what can you expect next? Later this month we have a highly anticipated Study Songs playlist, curated entirely by the JKM Library’s student workers. And you can expect the first of our Staff Spotlight playlists, featuring favorite selections from just one JKM Library staff member, to appear early in the new year.

We hope  that you enjoy our Spotify playlists as much as we do and can’t wait to see you on Instagram. Please be sure to follow us on all platforms for the most up-to-date information and recommendations. Happy reading and listening!

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