New Semester Welcome and a Snapshot of International Student Demographics

New Semester Welcome and a Snapshot of New International Student Demographics

During the orientation this fall, the Office of International Affairs welcomed 73 new international students from about 20 countries all over the world.

Chart 1: Percentage of students by program

Chart 3

*Note. This chart only shows the statistics for NEW international students and does not include returning international students.

Apart from students attending a degree program at Chatham, we have always had a large group of students who are enrolled in various international non-degree seeking programs, including the English Language Program, the Chatham Semester Program, the Chatham International Internship Program, and Exchange and Partner programs.

In terms of countries of origin, Table 1 shows the largest sending countries to Chatham.

Table 1: Countries of origin

Table 1

Other countries that our new international students represent include Albania, Canada, Dominican Republic, Germany, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Thailand, the UK, Venezuela, and Vietnam. We are delighted to see so much diversity among our international population.

One noticeable change this year is that we have fewer Saudi students due to the change in the Saudi scholarship program. This change has resulted in a sharp decline of Saudi students in programs all over the country, not only at Chatham. At its peak, the English Language Program had 78 Saudi students out of 110 students enrolled full-time and part-time in the program. We are making efforts to further diversify the international student population, promote international programs and Chatham to the local and international communities, and develop new programs as needed by new partners and students.

Welcome all new international students to Chatham! We wish everyone a great semester and academic year!