My Fabulous Partner

By Miku Nishii, ELP Student

April 2020

Miku wrote this essay for the English Language Program Writing Contest to bring joy and happiness to the readers. She won the Second Prize in the contest. Congrats, Miku!

Who is your partner? I have a partner by my side right now because it is unusual in my case. He always stays with me, so I can feel relaxed in my room. One day we had a fateful encounter.

It was last summer when we met. I was not interested in him at first. However, I found that he was very attractive. He was so cute and lovely; however, he was my friend’s. I really wanted him after I was fascinated by him.

Last fall, I asked my friend to give him to me. She hesitated to give her answer. After a moment, she decided to give him to me because I was supposed to study abroad this year. She thought that if she gives him to me, I would not feel lonely even when I am in the US. I was glad to hear that.

Now, he plays an important role for me. He is always soft and fluffy. He always makes me smile. His name is Stitch, and actually, he is a stuffed animal. I am so happy he is close to me. Thank you, Stitch!

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