Jennie King Mellon


Jennie King Mellon

So who exactly is JKM?

Jennie King Mellon attended the Pennsylvania Female College, now Chatham University, in the late 19th century. She married Richard Beatty Mellon, the brother of the established Andrew W. Mellon, and raised two children, Richard King Mellon and Sarah Scaife Mellon.

Jennie King Mellon and her family resided in a 65 room mansion on Fifth Avenue in Shadyside in the area which has since become Mellon Park. Her spirit and love for nature are still seen today seen in the two large gardens facing Beechwood Boulevard.

The Mellon family is also well-known for their philanthropical efforts through charitable foundations, including the Sarah Scaife Foundation and Richard King Mellon Foundation, which primarily support culture and community development in the Pittsburgh region.

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