5 Tips to Help Build a PR Resumé

Resumés are a “snapshot” of yourself that secures you an interview or makes you stand-out in the interview process. That is why it is important to create the best resumé imaginable to capture the attention of a possible employer.

  1. Make a statement

– This is not your average resumé, you can be flashy with it. The first step is making your name your logo.

  1. Design

– As a public relations candidate, your resumé must differentiate from others. This is done by making your resumé jump out with design elements. This is the easiest way to demonstrate your style and creativity. Don’t be afraid to be big and colorful to separate you from the rest.

  1. Attention grabber

– Wow the possible employer with an opening statement. This is your elevator pitch (a short pitch gathering interest in yourself). Once you have their attention, you can continue with the “meat” of your resumé. This includes experience and skills, which should be located near the top so it’s seen even if it’s just getting a quick scan.

  1. Customize

– No employer wants to feel as if they’re reading something that was sent out to 50 others. It’s easy to customize a cover letter for an employer, but it makes you stand out more if you do it with your resumé as well. You can do this by providing keywords from the job posting.

  1. Provide evidence

– Don’t just say you’re PR savvy, prove it. This can be done by providing a portfolio along with your resumé. You can also add links to articles or presentations you’ve created. Also provide links to social media as well. Everyone knows that social media is the new platform for public relations. It is crucial to provide your possible employer with examples of your social media expertise.

As a representation of the communications community, it is important to demonstrate those skills you’ve learned throughout your studies. You aren’t applying for a dull job, and by following these 5 tips, you can avoid your resumé from being thrown into the no pile.

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