You’re Already Behind – But There’s Still Salvation


If you’re a college senior looking for a career, it’s almost too late. If you’re a junior, there’s still some time – barely.

That’s according to Pittsburgher Justin Driscoll, who should know. Working for the local technology council, he’s had many conversations with employers about what kind of workers they want. He knows that to rise to the top of their resume tower, you need to start early in your career planning. You’d better have a resume long before you see the job ad, have some mock interviews under your belt, and start making contacts in your field. In this economy, where more people than ever are applying for jobs that they’re overqualified for, that’s just the beginning.

Daunting? Never fear. Driscoll has summarized what you need to do in his book 7 Things I Wish I Knew … Before I Graduated. You can find it at the library under 331.115 D75 2006. While you’re on the second floor, we also suggest you peruse:

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