Comfort Soup

Serves 6 people

Cost est. $13.00

24 oz Bertolli (tomato and basil) sauce

15.5 oz great northern beans (can)

16 oz can bush best garbanzos chickpeas

32 oz chicken broth (optional choice)

3 fresh carrots

2 celery sticks

14.5 oz can cut green beans

1 large red or white onion

4 fresh garlic pieces

1 stick of butter

2 green scallions (onion)

1 whole red/yellow bell pepper (green optional)

7 Brussel sprouts

4 medium Yukon potatoes (any type of potatoes)

1 large pod with lids (wash the pot first)



Black peppercorn

Ground ginger



Cayenne pepper,

BBQ seasons

Parmesan and herb

To your taste or any seasoning, you like


Wash all your vegetables and chop to your desire (bite size). Peel your potatoes and chop to your desire (bite size) Wash can lids before you open and drain all the liquid out. Pour entire container of broth into pot. Place on burner on medium flame. Let it start to boil. Place inside seasoning. Place only potatoes for 20 minutes. Place all vegetables & beans (another 20 minutes) & butter all together. Mix ¾ sauce and stir. Season to taste).


All vegetables can be fresh or canned, or mixed. You can add meat and cook in separate pot then add last. The potatoes are your choice. You can use any greens (Brussel sprouts, spinach, kale, cabbage, collard greens, etc.)

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